Shiseido Unveils a Unique Digital Collection (Pics)

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Photo - Shiseido Unveils a Unique Digital Collection (Pics)
The luxury skincare brand Shiseido has decided to join the digital artwork craze. Together with renowned generative artists Robert Hodgin, Jen Stark, Kaoru Tanaka, and Hannah Yan, the company has unveiled a collection called Future Reflections.
Let’s check it out together. 

From dark to colorful

First off is Robert Hodgin, a generative artist who is into art inspired by natural phenomena with a focus on concepts around theoretical physics, astronomy, and flocking simulations. 

With a preference for darker and iridescent colors, he focuses on the growth of the Legendary Enmei herb, which is also a Shiseido product. All of his 486 pieces have already been collected. 

You can check out more of his art pieces here.
Robert Hodgin’s digital art. Source:

Robert Hodgin’s digital art. Source:

Warhol vibes 

Next up is Jen Stark with her flamboyant colors and geometrical patterns. Her collection consists of a predetermined “set of geometric shapes which emulate the growth of sacred geometry, transformation, evolution and beauty inspired by the movement of blooming flowers and fractals.

”Like Hodgin, her collection featured 486 pieces. None of them are available.

However, there are many more available on her personal site. Check it out here
Jen Stark’s psychedelic motives. Source:

Jen Stark’s psychedelic motives. Source:

The dreamy plants 

The Japanese art style has also been featured in Future Reflections. Inspired by natural elements and forces of nature such as the energy transfer through plants, organic movements, and reflections and refractions of light generated within water, the works have a touch of dreams, fantasies, and plants to them. 

All of the 600 pieces created by her have already been collected. To immerse yourself in her world, check out her Instagram handle.
Kaoru Tanaka’s dreamy touch. Source:

Kaoru Tanaka’s dreamy touch. Source:

Nature and data 

Inspired by the late Ruth Asawa, an American modernist artist known primarily for her abstract looped-wire sculptures inspired by natural and organic forms, Hannah Yan, is not just a generative artist but also a data scientist. Her artworks are dynamic, changing over time, and capture the raw vitality of life force and reflect on the serene and delicate meditative nature of interconnectedness.
Nature and simplicity by Hannah Yan. Source:

Nature and simplicity by Hannah Yan. Source:

She also has a site that you can check out here

The Miami Exhibition 

Future Reflections was featured during Art Basel Miami, the Gateway Miami, in December 2023. 

According to representatives of Shiseido, the collection aligns with the company’s foundational narrative. The brand was launched in 1872 by Arinobu Fukuhara, the Japanese business tycoon and pharmacist and cosmetician, who was the head of Apothecary Shiseidō and Toku Fukuhara.

To this day, the company remains close with the digital art domain.
Art exhibition in Miami. Source: Shiseido

Art exhibition in Miami. Source: Shiseido

“We own a museum in Tokyo, and we’ve been supporting multiple emerging talents in Japan and the world over the years. We’ve always fully embraced cutting-edge creativity,”  said Alessio Rossi, Shiseido’s executive vice president for U.S. marketing during it. He added, “In looking at this next generation of esteemed artists working in the generative space, it’s a beautiful continuation of that story. We embrace the future. We don’t fight it, we pilot it, we test it.”

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