POSTERS: NFTs for Tennis Enthusiasts

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Photo - POSTERS: NFTs for Tennis Enthusiasts
POSTERS is an NFT collection for tennis enthusiasts, launched to celebrate the Nitto ATP Finals. It provides a modern twist on traditional poster collecting, perfectly tailored for the digital era.
To curate this unique collection, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has partnered with the celebrated artist, Honor Titus, who has received accolades from critics worldwide, including recognition from GQ magazine. Titus, renowned for his artistic pursuits, which include tennis-themed creations, is now venturing into the world of decentralized art through this exciting collaboration.

The artist designed a poster that serves as the cornerstone of this digital collection. Tennis enthusiasts will have the chance to buy a digital poster with either the original design or their own custom style from November 12 to 19, 2023. Each buyer has the option to personalize their NFT for just $50 using a range of color palettes available on the Artchild platform. 
Examples of personalization for POSTERS NFT. Source: official ATP website.

Examples of personalization for POSTERS NFT. Source: official ATP website.

Besides owning the NFT on the Polygon blockchain, purchasers will also get a physical print of the poster. The tournament organizers plan to pick the most creative digital posters, based on different color combinations, and showcase them at the Pala Alpitour sports and concert arena.

Additionally, the tennis players participating in the tournament will craft their own personal and exclusive designs for these digital posters. Their creations will be featured in an open online auction. The funds raised from this auction are earmarked for enhancing the environmental conditions in Turin, the city that has been hosting the Nitto ATP Finals since 2021.
POSTERS is all about connecting fans with major moments in tennis,
said Mark Epps, ATP Director of Communications and Web3.
The tennis industry's embrace of decentralized technologies is not a recent development. Consider the Australian Open last summer, where NFTs linked to specific stadium zones were sold. Additionally, Andy Murray used a unique algorithm to visualize his movements, crafting an exclusive digital collection.

Nonetheless, ATP stands out as the true trailblazer, having launched the NFT LOVE series a year prior. The association then forged a partnership with Art Blocks Engine and brought on board the acclaimed artist Martin Grasser. They used match statistics from previous tournaments as input for the generative algorithm: points from victories, sets, and other factors that had a direct impact on the visual component of the artwork.

A unique aspect of the LOVE series was that the visual representation of the token wasn't available until it was fully minted. This collection managed to capture the interest of several hundred enthusiasts and a wide range of media, making it a profitable endeavor.