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Everstake is a Ukrainian company that ranks first in terms of the number of users among staking providers (according to CryptoDiffer data as of December 20, 2022). The project was founded by Attic Lab in 2018.
The platform offers a staking cloud service for users who want to earn passive income but do not want to launch a node and ensure its ongoing presence in the network, as required by Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Everstake runs the node independently on your behalf, which is managed by specialists with the necessary equipment. It is also possible to team up with other users and add your assets to the staking pool, or immediately delegate them to the validator. On the platform, you can earn between 5% and 20% per year on average. 

Customers are not required to transfer funds to the platform in order to connect the service. They can lock them in their crypto wallets. Everstake is thought to be safe from hackers because they aren't interested in a staking provider that doesn't manage community wallets. 
Everstake homepage

Everstake homepage

Everstake's advantages for users

More than 633,000 users have put their trust in the provider, transferring $901 million to staking. Investors can keep 70 blockchains running with the PoS consensus algorithm. The platform has launched approximately 8,000 enterprise nodes for blockchains, protocols, cross-chain bridges, and oracles during its existence. 

Everstake nodes serve as validators on blockchains such as Tezos, Solana, EOS, Casper, Oasis, Icon, and others. The company supports staking in networks MultiversX (Elrond), Persistence, Cardano, Cosmos, Zilliqa, Harmony Protocol, and KiChain.
Some of the blockchains with tokens that can be staked on the platform. Source: Everstake

Some of the blockchains with tokens that can be staked on the platform. Source: Everstake

The platform automatically calculates and processes rewards. This means that users receive profit as soon as the selected asset lock-up period expires. 

The Dashboard displays staking data. Everstake has a 99.9% uptime thanks to high-performance servers, advanced network topology, and broadband channels.
The dashboard panel. Source: Everstake

The dashboard panel. Source: Everstake

Everstake's developments and investments

In addition to staking services for investors, the company develops research tools and blockchain products for the crypto industry. The company created services for monitoring and analysis of peer-to-peer networks like Oasis Monitor, Cosmoscan, Erlond Monitor.

The staking provider has its own investment fund, Everstake Capital, through which it assists blockchain startups in their development. For example, the company has invested in Solana's Wormhole Terra Bridge and Metaplex NFT storefronts' decentralized protocol.  

Other initiatives of the company include:
? testing blockchains to improve their security;
? participation in the staking of the new Medalla testnet for Eth 2.0. 
? FIO protocol support;
? collaboration with MultiversX blockchain;
? deploying its own Oracle node within the Chainlink infrastructure.

Everstake also created the Aid For Ukraine charitable foundation, powered by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Since its launch, the foundation has managed to raise more than $60 million from the crypto community for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.