New Wallets on Chrome: Meet Klever, Ambire Wallet, and VeChain

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Photo - New Wallets on Chrome: Meet Klever, Ambire Wallet, and VeChain
In March, several projects added their digital wallets to the app store of the most popular web browser, Google Chrome. These wallets can be installed easily with just a few clicks thanks to their browser extension format. It's like adding a few extra pockets to your browser, so you can keep your digital assets close at hand and easily accessible.
The Google Chrome app store has recently become even more exciting with the addition of not one, not two, but three new digital wallets from the world of cryptocurrencies! Klever, Ambire Wallet, and VeChain – a popular name in the industry – have all made their way to the Chrome browser. Let's take a closer look at these wallets, their respective roles in the projects, and give credit to the dedicated teams behind these startups for their hard work and success.


Klever Wallet is a powerful, secure, and user-friendly digital wallet designed to store various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance (BNB), among others.

Here's what Klever Wallet looks like as a browser extension.

As a decentralized, non-custodial peer-to-peer wallet, Klever generates private keys that are passed on to users for storage, giving them complete control over their assets. Its browser extension format has been highly optimized for lightning-fast transactions, while advanced cryptography mechanisms and the Klever OS ensure top-notch security, protecting user private keys from outside compromise. With Klever Wallet, your crypto assets are in safe hands! 

Klever's security architecture employs state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure that the wallet owner's personal keys and sensitive data are only accessible in a specific browser.

Starting March 8, 2023, users can download and install Klever Wallet in Google Chrome.

Klever project info

Klever (KLV) is a crypto wallet ecosystem that serves over 3 million users worldwide with its various software offerings, such as Klever App, Klever Swap, and Klever OS. The Klever platform, Klever Blockchain, and Klever Exchange all utilize the KLV service token. The ecosystem supports more than 20 blockchains, and Klever Wallet provides access to 500+ trading pairs.

Ambire Wallet

It appears that the Ambire Wallet project has some exciting plans for 2023. The team intends to release a mobile wallet, a Chrome browser extension, an SDK toolkit, and even a separate mobile app for their DAO members throughout the year. 
The Ambire Wallet Roadmap for 2023

The Ambire Wallet Roadmap for 2023

According to the Ambire team, having a web version of their wallet is just the bare minimum, and a browser extension is the next significant step forward. They believe it will be well-received by users due to its user-friendliness and speedy installation process. This format strikes a perfect balance between convenience and security, making it an excellent option for the crypto community and bringing mass adoption one step closer.   

Here are some of the basic features of the browser extension:

  • It can connect to any dApp that supports Metamask without WalletConnect.
  • It allows users to import private keys from other wallets, a highly demanded feature in the Ambire community.

It's worth noting that Ambire Wallet's accounts generate a different address each time, even when using the same private key. However, transferring assets from an EOA wallet to an Ambire-created smart contract wallet will not require the browser extension. With its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art security measures, Ambire Wallet is quickly becoming a top choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. 

Ambire Wallet insights

Ambire Wallet is a next-generation, full-featured cryptocurrency wallet designed for crypto investors of all levels, from beginners to experienced DeFi users. It is compatible with various hardware solutions, ensuring a high level of security. The wallet also includes an automatic gas management feature, making it easier for users to manage their transactions.


VeChain's browser extension wallet, VeWorld, now joined its companions in the Google Chrome Web Store – VeChain Price Checker and VeChain Price. The first app monitors over 1300 currency pairs, including VET (VeChain's native token) on exchanges like Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase. Meanwhile, VeChain Price provides real-time information on the token's value. With these tools, VeChain investors can keep a close eye on their assets and stay up-to-date on the latest market trends without ever leaving their web browsers.

In addition to standard functions, VeWorld offers users the ability to create or import their wallets using a SEED phrase or hardware devices like Ledger. The browser extension enables full management of accounts and assets, as well as access to decentralized applications (dApps) within the VeChain ecosystem.
VeWorld browser wallet is the easiest way to store VET tokens and connect to dApps.

VeWorld browser wallet is the easiest way to store VET tokens and connect to dApps.

When any dApp initiates a transaction on the VeChain blockchain, it sends a request to the VeWorld extension. The user reviews the request and confirms or rejects it at their discretion. This adds an extra layer of security and control to the process, ensuring that the user maintains full control over their assets at all times.

VeWorld browser extension is fully decentralized, giving users the choice to connect to any node on the VeChain blockchain. All data is encrypted and stored locally using the user's private key for added security.

VeChain project brief

VeChain (VET) is a versatile platform that utilizes smart contracts and its own L1 enterprise-level blockchain. VeChain aims to utilize distributed governance and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to create an ecosystem that can improve logistics processes and solve supply chain management issues. The project offers solutions for various industries, including medicine, energy, FMCG, and even governments. The VET token is an asset with a significant capitalization of nearly $2 billion (#35 in the Coinmarketcap rankings).