Mocaverse: The NFT Collection Empowering Animoca Brands Community

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Photo - Mocaverse: The NFT Collection Empowering Animoca Brands Community
Mocaverse is a collection of avatar NFTs, brought to life by Animoca Brands. It was designed to unify, strengthen, and advance the Web3 community that has evolved around the company.
The collection boasts 8,888 characters, all dubbed as Moca. These characters represent an entryway into the Animoca Brands family. Hence, during the minting of Mocaverse, NFTs were granted exclusively to a select group of users: 

  • investors;
  • partners;
  • company employees, and its subsidiary projects;
  • teams from companies within Animoca Brands' investment portfolio. 

Some of the non-fungible tokens were handed out for free, while others were sold at 0.138 ETH. Now, anyone who is interested can buy these NFTs on the secondary market. The minimum price is 0.7288 ETH.
Mocaverse NFT Collection. Source: OpenSea

Mocaverse NFT Collection. Source: OpenSea

Animoca Brands stands as a significant contributor in the realm of digital amusements and blockchain games. The company is in charge of The Sandbox, one of the world's leading metaverses, along with other Web3-oriented subsidiaries. Over 300 different projects related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology find their home in its portfolio.

So, who are the Mocas?

The Mocas are brave and inventive beings residing in the country of Mocana. Every character holds a piece of the essential skills and capabilities needed to bring the dream of the perfect Web3 world to life. Therefore, the Mocas' power becomes evident when they unite. 
The Country of Mocana. Source: Mocaverse Twitter

The Country of Mocana. Source: Mocaverse Twitter

The NFT collection features five kinds of characters:

  • Dreamers: These are the originators of fresh ideas, values, images, and meanings.
  • Builders: These characters employ the dreamers' concepts to construct something tangible and specific.
  • Angels: These are the individuals always hunting for treasures, brought to life by the builders, and they're willing to finance them despite the associated risks.
  • Connectors: They bridge the gap between participants in Mocana and those outside its borders. They propagate innovative conceptual solutions to forge a new reality.
  • Neo-capitalists: They devise a system to distribute benefits based on the contributions of all the preceding roles. 

The Mocaverse NFT Collection's Unique Features

NFT holders are privy to a host of benefits from Animoca Brands. These include the chance to participate in a variety of educational experiences, such as masterclasses and seminars. Additionally, holders are invited to test game activities and have exclusive access to in-game asset drops. The benefits extend further, providing the ability to use cutting-edge Web3 platforms for application development and contribute to socially significant projects.

Each Mocaverse NFT holder also receives Moca XP tokens. These tokens can be staked and utilized within community activities to earn various rewards.

Four Avenues for NFT Holders to Engage

Owners of Mocaverse NFTs have the opportunity to engage in four distinct sectors: education, gaming, building, and philanthropy. Each of these sectors offers a platform through which participants can share experiences and knowledge.

Animoca Brands is launching the Mocaverse collection with a clear goal in mind: to enhance communication and unity within its extensive ecosystem. The project is designed to bring together developers, users, and managers to introduce innovative concepts in the metaverse and blockchain gaming worlds. Through this endeavor, Animoca Brands aims to nurture a robust community and foster collective innovation in this burgeoning field.