Miner service stops in Russia: FlexPool statement

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Photo - Miner service stops in Russia: FlexPool statement
According to FlexPool, which is one of the largest Ethereum mining pools, it no longer serves IP addresses from the Russian Federation. These measures are caused by Russia's invasion of the territory of Ukraine.
Usually we don't get involved in politics, despite the personal views we have. However, this situation is more than politics. This is a war that could end the world,
the statement reads.
The FlexPool team apologized to those Russians who do not support their government and oppose the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Nevertheless, according to the statements of the pool, in their case, it is possible to have an impact on the situation only with the help of economic sanctions, to which they invited everyone to join.
These statements are not about politics - they are about preventing the end of the world and saving lives. Both companies and individuals must put the Earth ahead of profit in the modern era,
the pool said.
We note that on February 24, FlexPool was the fourth Ethereum pool in terms of the share of mined blocks per day.