Korean Hyundai Motor entered the NFT market

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Photo - Korean Hyundai Motor entered the NFT market
South Korean auto holding Hyundai Motor has decided to launch its own line of non-fungible tokens. The automotive company attracts car owners to its Hyundai metaverse in this way.
The concept of “Universe metamobility” implies that with the help of unique tokens it will be possible to defeat “time and space”. The company develops the NFT community by opening special channels on platforms such as Discord and Twitter. Hyundai plans to launch a website in May, where information about special collection tokens will be published.
Source: hyundaimotorgroup.com

Source: hyundaimotorgroup.com

In total, the company plans to launch a limited line of NFTs in which there will be about 30 tokens with the name “Hyundai x Meta Kongz”. They will become available from April 20 and their price will be 1 ETH per token. Also in May, Hyundai NFTs will appear, which will look like a shooting star. The money from the sale of these tokens will go to the development of the project.
Our metaverse will expand customer interactions. We are especially targeting the generation Z and millennials. We are open to innovation and this will show our commitment to everything new both in the real world and in the metaverse. We are excited to begin our NFT journey with Meta Kongz,
said Thomas Schemera, Global Director of Marketing Development for Hyundai Motor.
It is worth noting that not only Hyundai Motor Company is actively developing in the cryptocurrency market. Back in 2019, automotive giants like Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini decided to cooperate with blockchain-based platforms.