“Keep calm and focus on the long term,” Anthony Scaramucci

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Photo - “Keep calm and focus on the long term,” Anthony Scaramucci
The co-founder of the investment firm SkyBridge Capital advised cryptocurrency market participants to stay calm and focus on the long term. He said this on CNBC and named the main factors for an optimistic outlook on the digital asset sector.
Anthony Scaramucci believes that important deals that are made between key players point to favorable prospects in the future. In addition, the financier thinks that the switch of Ethereum to PoS is a positive aspect. The SkyBridge Capital executive also sees the recovery of prices in the market as a signal that points to an optimistic scenario. According to him, recent events in the field of cryptocurrencies may provoke more commercial activity.

The expert refers to the cooperation agreement between the largest asset management company BlackRock and cryptocurrency exchanger Coinbase. And says that this is done to create a structure for BlackRock’s institutional clients to invest in BTC. Scaramucci is confident that the event will positively affect bitcoin in the future.
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink noticed the institutional demand for bitcoin. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have partnered with Coinbase.
believes the head of SkyBridge Capital.
In an interview with CNBC, Scaramucci did not forget to mention the Ethereum merger, in which the blockchain will move to Proof-of-Stake in September. The market is expected to meet the news with optimism.
Most traders probably believe the price of ETH will rise due to The Merge and will speculate on it. However, the asset is great for long-term investments.
he reported.
Finally, the investor mentions the market’s positive performance in recent weeks. Bitcoin surged in value by 20% in 30 days and Ethereum by 62%. This allows us to hope for the best.

Although the recovery is slow, there is some stability in the process. Despite the ongoing bearish trend, the major cryptocurrencies have shown a rise in value over the past month.

Scaramucci added that he sees a resurgence of investor interest. The optimistic expert reports that the global economy could resume Q4 2019 levels over 6-12 months.
My main point is that we need to calm down and be patient. We see quite positive scenarios for BTC and ETH over the next 2 years.
the SkyBridge Capital executive concluded.
As you can see, Scaramucci has a positive outlook on the cryptocurrency market and wants to warn investors against reacting emotionally to bad news and trading based on it. His company predicts that BTC could show strong growth over the next 6 years.