Heat Up Your Wallet with Layer3: Igniting Crypto Interest

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Photo - Heat Up Your Wallet with Layer3: Igniting Crypto Interest
Layer3 is a platform for researching Web3 projects on various blockchains. By completing tasks, users earn experience points, achievements, or NFTs, while the applications can benefit from additional advertising and user activity.
Layer3 is suitable not only for experienced Web3 users but also for beginners who have recently started studying decentralized applications. The platform allows users not only to discover new projects but also provides necessary theory before completing tasks on various topics, such as DeFi, L2 solutions, blockchain games, and more. 

To complete the registration process, it is required to link a cryptocurrency wallet (MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet) on the website. Optionally, users can set an avatar, add social network accounts (Discord, Twitter, GitHub), or any other publicly available information. The website has a sleek and intuitive interface, and the quests page allows users to choose the preferred blockchain or category.
Quests page. Source: Layer3 official website

Quests page. Source: Layer3 official website

Layer3 Quests

Quests are a set of several sequential tasks (such as testing theoretical knowledge, performing actions on social networks, using relevant applications) with subsequent rewards. At the moment, the platform supports eight blockchains: Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Celo, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Aurora, and Binance Smart Chain.
Page of a separate quest. Source: Layer3 official website

Page of a separate quest. Source: Layer3 official website

To complete a quest successfully, all necessary tasks must be performed. The rewards for users vary based on the difficulty level, and sometimes include commemorative NFTs, but primarily consist of experience points (XP) that increase their level. This allows users to unlock previously inaccessible quests, achievements, and climb the leaderboard. For regular quest participation, email notifications can be set up.

How to list a project on the platform?

Developers seeking to establish a partnership with Layer3 can do so for a considerable sum of $10,000 per month. In exchange, the platform offers access to a pool of 120,000 daily users. However, prior to signing a contract, the team conducts a rigorous selection process to ensure a long-term partnership (lasting at least 3 months) that would facilitate the creation of a chain of quests over an extended period. Ideally, their team seeks to establish long-standing partnerships with reliable collaborators.

Any chance for an airdrop?

Indeed, many are curious about whether Layer3 will introduce a governance token with a potential airdrop for all its active users and investors. At present, there are no such plans in place. However, given the prevailing trend in the Web3 market, it is highly likely that Layer3 may launch its token. The team has indicated that this will not happen in the immediate future and has advised users to disregard any false reports related to potential giveaways. Even without an airdrop, Layer3 presents an excellent opportunity for users to prepare their wallets for third-party retroactive rewards by engaging with various blockchains, protocols, and applications.