Gucci Makes a Foray into the Metaverse

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Photo - Gucci Makes a Foray into the Metaverse
The Italian luxury house Gucci joins the non-fungible token (NFT) club, partnering with 10KTF to create its own virtual world and welcome everyone to Gucci Town. It features "New Tokyo", fashion accessories for NFT owners to purchase with profile pics, and a fictional character Wagmi-San.
Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele is the principal person behind the project.
A multi-directional exploration spanning digital realms has begun. Within this expanse of experimental creativity, NFTs and other Web3-based wonders will arise in surprising forms.
the company explains on its site.
It also welcomes people to Gucci Town, underscoring, that “surprises await as Alessandro Michele’s vision transforms into a played story, with the Gucci Community as the main character. Journey through each space to create, connect, and collect, the Gucci way in this ongoing experience.”
The company offers to compete in games to earn GG Gems, discover and create one-of-a-kind art pieces, learn about the house’s heritage and artisanship, explore the impossible conversations of Vault, strike a pose and show off your personal Gucci style with the world, explore a boutique of limited-edition virtual items from Gucci or, simply take a break, power up, and connect with others.
The company notes that the first collection of items in the Gucci Shop will be available until June 17, 2022, releasing a new limited Gucci Blondie bag weekly. 
The company unveiled the project in early March tweeting, 
In constant pursuit of precious wonders, #AlessandroMichele takes a trip from Rome to New Tokyo where he meets the famed digital artisan Wagmi-san from the @10KTFshop.
10KTF is a well-known company in the field, offering digital accessories like sneakers and bags. Created by Wenew, Inc and co-founded by artist Mike Winkelmann, a.k.a "Beeple," who sold an NFT at Christie’s auction year ago for $69 million, it also worked with the Louis Vuitton fashion house. 
In August 2021, it helped the French luxury house to hand out NFT postcards, rewarding those who played Louis the Game. 
It also recently collaborated with the animated toy startup Superplastic, creating “SuperGucci” NFTs, granting tiered access to purchase the NFT figures.