Greg Beard: The Bitcoin ETF Decision is the Holy Grail of Crypto

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Photo - Greg Beard: The Bitcoin ETF Decision is the Holy Grail of Crypto
In a recent discussion, Stronghold Digital Mining CEO Greg Beard elaborates on how the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in January is poised to reshape the landscape for mining companies and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Stronghold Digital Mining, a NASDAQ-listed American company, has been steered towards eco-conscious mining practices under the guidance of Greg Beard. The company creatively uses waste from coal mining activities. These notably toxic materials are repurposed to generate electricity, primarily for cooling their mining facilities. This approach enables the company to reduce the carbon footprint associated with BTC mining by up to 90%.

Greg Beard's first response to the SEC's (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) approval of Bitcoin ETFs was one of excitement. In his CNBC Crypto World interview, Beard highlighted the decision's impact, predicting a considerable influx of capital into the crypto ecosystem. He rationalized the potential rise in BTC prices with the classic supply and demand principle: a limited supply of bitcoins facing heightened investor interest is something the market simply cannot ignore. And it's worth noting that many people in the crypto community share this viewpoint.
Hey, we're excited. It means a lot more capital into the ecosystem, and whenever we have a limited amount of supply of Bitcoin and potentially tens of billions of dollars of additional demand, that's going to have an impact on price,
he expressed with enthusiasm.
Beard's forecast of expanding demand suggests a rise in Bitcoin's value by at least $10-20 thousand per coin. He points out that over $100 billion is currently invested in existing gold ETFs. If Bitcoin can divert even a fraction of this investment (aptly termed digital gold), it would swiftly propel its price back to its previous highs of around $70,000.

Greg Beard also spoke optimistically about how the SEC's decision impacts the operations of his company, Stronghold. As a comparatively new player (established in 2021), Stronghold competes daily for a slice of the $20 million in mining rewards, contributing to an annual market size of $7.5 billion. The reward levels are intrinsically linked to Bitcoin's price, and the influx of institutional players into the market will increase transaction volumes—a critical aspect of fees in the crypto mining sector. Overall, Beard views the Bitcoin ETF approval as a pivotal catalyst for fostering a more stable crypto ecosystem. 
The spot Bitcoin ETF decision is the Holy Grail of crypto and the biggest events for crypto in 10 years,
Beard affirmed.
Reflecting on the ten-year journey from the initial filing of a spot ETF in 2013 to its final approval in 2023, Beard emphasizes the accessibility it will bring to BTC trading. The ETF structure streamlines the Bitcoin buying process, likening it to purchasing traditional stocks, an aspect highly appealing to institutional investors. 

Yet, Beard sarcastically remarked on the SEC's "promptness" in legalizing the Bitcoin ETF.
It's clear the SEC is not endorsing Bitcoin, but hey, it is now not a new security... I'm not sure that the SEC did many people favors by delaying this decision 10 years a lot of people would have made a lot more money had they done,
he commented.
Speaking on the upcoming Bitcoin halving, Beard remains measured. While historical trends suggest a price surge following such events, the CEO of Stronghold Digital Mining believes that the current supply-demand dynamics, coupled with institutional acceptance stemming from the ETF approval, will exert a more profound and enduring positive effect on Bitcoin's price.