Facebook to start testing the support of NFT

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Photo - Facebook to start testing the support of NFT
Some authors who use the social network Facebook will be able to start using NFT as Meta has begun implementing tokens on its main platform.
Navdeep Singh, who holds the company’s product manager position, has explained how the function will work. According to him, to see their own tokens or interact with them, users will need to go to the “digital collectibles” tab. Also, users will be able to connect crypto wallets to their profiles and publish the purchased tokens in the form of posts in the feed.
The first tokens to appear on the network are collectible NFTs from the Polygon and Ethereum networks. A bit later, the developers plan to add Flow and Solana.
As for NFT testing based on the Instagram application, again, Ethereum and Polygon have become the flagships among the tokens. In addition, a list of crypto wallets that can be connected to user accounts was published.
The list included:
According to media technology consultant Martin Bryant, Meta’s goal is to create a home for the people of Web3. According to him, Facebook has already begun testing changes for groups to become more comfortable and resemble groups in Discord.
Also, earlier, Mark Zuckerberg personally announced opening a special store with digital items from leading brands. According to him, users will now be able to dress their avatars in fashionable clothes and make their accounts unique.