Exploring the Latest Ambassador Programs: Sui, Myria, ConsenSys

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Photo - Exploring the Latest Ambassador Programs: Sui, Myria, ConsenSys
With ambassador programs offering an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency sans financial investment, we've handpicked some noteworthy programs for you to explore.

What Exactly Are Ambassador Programs?

The majority of cryptocurrency initiatives, from projects to startups, require a dedicated audience that will engage with their offerings. As such, marketing campaigns and ambassador programs are orchestrated to nurture such crypto communities.

An ambassador takes on an array of responsibilities aimed at bolstering brand recognition and popularity. In the realm of cryptocurrency, these responsibilities often encompass:

  • Crafting and publishing textual content, articles, and thread translations from official channels on personal platforms;
  • Creating visually appealing content (illustrations, emojis, memes, infographics, etc.);
  • Video presentations detailing the project;
  • Cultivating regional communities tailored to specific languages and countries;
  • Organizing events, AMA sessions, and conferences;
  • Moderating chats, responding to queries, and assisting newcomers.

Ambassadors are typically compensated through a fixed dollar amount (in stablecoins) or project tokens allocated for community usage in the tokenomics. They may also have the chance to acquire diverse NFTs, enjoy team perks, and secure allocations in a token sale.

Maximizing Benefits from Ambassador Programs

Getting involved in an active ambassador program can be challenging given the substantial number of participants. Here are some nuggets of wisdom for newcomers striving to claim their "place in the sun":

Start generating content prior to the official announcement of the ambassador program, effectively creating a portfolio or resume;

Maintain an active presence on the project's social media platforms, such as Telegram or Discord, standing out through your proactive involvement;

Build your own following or establish a channel or modest platform. Bloggers and influencers often gain the upper hand in ambassador programs.

Sui Network

Sui, a Layer 1 network developed on the Move programming language, has amassed $300 million in investments. Its token swiftly climbed the ranks to join the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization immediately following its listing.

The project unveiled its ambassador program even before the SUI token was listed on exchanges. As per the tokenomics, a substantial 55% of the total coin issuance has been allocated to a variety of community activities.

Currently, you can engage with the ambassador program by:

  • Filling out a participation form, which includes up to 20 questions designed to help the Sui team determine your suitability as an ambassador;
  • Maintaining an active presence on the project's official Discord channel;
  • Interacting with the project on Mainnet via your personal crypto wallet;
  • Generating content about Sui across social media and information resources.

The monthly reward can range between $300 and $3000, contingent upon the tasks completed.


Myria is a Layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain, which allows interaction with cryptocurrencies and tokens without fees. The MYRIA token has been listed on exchanges like KuCoin, OKX, and Gate since April 2023. Many social and gaming projects are currently being launched on the blockchain, enhancing the ecosystem's liquidity and overall Total Value Locked (TVL).

The prerequisites for participating in the ambassador program include:


ConsenSys is a Web3 platform that develops various solutions for the Ethereum blockchain and other EVM-compatible networks. The company is the main developer behind the cryptocurrency wallet Metamask. The project recently carried out a private Testnet, indicating a forthcoming launch of its own blockchain.

Collectively, the project has raised an impressive $700 million in several funding rounds. ConsenSys also launched its own zkEVM network, known as Linea. We have a detailed article on the Linea testnet on our website.

To become a ConsenSys ambassador, you must fulfill several conditions:

  • Fill out a participation form for the program;
  • Remain active on Discord and Twitter;
  • Engage with various ConsenSys projects (occasionally, the team introduces a new application or NFT). The team communicates these details on the official website or via social media.

Being a technology company, ConsenSys prioritizes developers with significant experience in smart contract programming and an active GitHub profile for its ambassador roles.