Cryptopunk #4,464 sold for $2.62 million

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Photo - Cryptopunk #4,464 sold for $2.62 million
As the crypto winter takes a toll on large companies and crypto believers, NFT sales haven’t been in a positive spotlight either.
That being said, the NFT market saw a rise after a rare Cryptopunk #4,464 was sold for 2,500 ETH on a Tuesday, which equaled over $2,62 million at the time of purchase. 


This NFT sale was the fifth largest in CryptoPunk's unique 10,000 piece collection. The digital punk in question is considered to be the 32nd rarest in the series based on an analysis conducted by Rarity.Tools. The buyer of the new expensive piece is not new to the market and as of now owns 24 CryptoPunk NFTs.


According to the crypto data aggregator CryptoSlam, this is the largest NFT sale of the past 30-day period. More data shows that NFT sales are up just a little over 10% this week compared to the week before. The total sales of the CryptoPunks series now amount to about $2,3 billion and the most expensive Cryptopunk #5822 was sold for a whopping $23.7 back in February of 2022.

This, however, is not the only “big” sell, as other cryptopunks were sold in the past week with Cryptopunk NFT #3,614 being sold for 275 ETH ($336,000) and Cryptopunk NFT #7,901 for 260 ETH ($271,000).

Not so long ago Crypto punk #5364 was sold for 90ETH by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine with all proceedings being forwarded to the Ukrainian Armed Forces who continue to defend the country against the Russian aggressor. 

As a reminder, earlier this year the rights to the CryptoPunk collection were acquired by Yuga Labs - the creators behind the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT series.