Crypto Scammer Hooked on a Kraken Bait

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Photo - Crypto Scammer Hooked on a Kraken Bait
Streamer Kitboga has news for you: he’s got new wallets to entice you with on the Kraken exchange so you better don’t scam others.
Kitboga, a popular Twitch and YouTube streamer with millions of subscribers is a well-known crypto scammer hunter.

Posing as not-so-tech-savvy users that often require some sort of assistance, he communicates with different fraudsters worldwide, exposing them while also having a laugh. This time, he did so by having a chat with a man who pretends to be Joe Biden.

“Over a year ago, I met a scammer who claims to be Joe Biden and a lot has happened,” says Kitboga. “With the help of Kraken, I set a unique trap for this guy. They built a unique custom environment for me. And it looks like I have 450 thousand worth of Bitcoin.”
Kitboga’s tweet. Source: Twitter

Kitboga’s tweet. Source: Twitter

What happened next was that the scammer got to see the funds via video remote computer screen-sharing software that Kitboga’s character reportedly tricked him into downloading. . Meanwhile, Kitboga, pretending to be an elderly lady, typed in the wrong wallet address, with the funds ending up not in “Joe’s wallet” but “elsewhere.”

The scammer’s reaction to this “failure” features heavy obscenities that sound comic. 

Kraken Exchange replied to Kitboga’s video saying “Not sure Joe will recover from this” while Nick Percoco, Chief Security Officer at Kraken, said “it was so much fun.” 

As a result of this prank, there is a high chance that Kraken will be able to identify and flag the fake Joe Biden as he reportedly used a Kraken-hosted BTC wallet address.

It is yet to be seen whether Kraken indeed manages to limit the scammer’s activities and have him submitted to the authorities.

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