Crypto Bros: Stereotypical Image of Crypto Advocates

Photo - Crypto Bros: Stereotypical Image of Crypto Advocates
‘Crypto bros’ make up a large part of the crypto culture. They are usually associated with men who got early into crypto, have had success with investments, or believe certain cryptos will “reach to the moon”. A distinctive quality of crypto bros is that they are passionate about cryptocurrencies, urging everyone to join in.
The use of “bro” in the phrase is not by chance. Different studies have shown that the most active group in crypto is young men. According to Consensys, men aged between 25-34 years old are the socio-demographic segments with a better understanding of the industry. 

The phrase “crypto bro” leaves women out of the stereotype. It has been in active use since 2017, a year when Bitcoin price increased significantly, and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) made a boom. These events brought large returns to investors, some of which made millions. The rising market created the slang expression “crypto bro” to refer to investor-turned-millionaire men, who actively share their success and promote projects on social media. 

Urban Dictionary mentions several definitions for the term, including this one: 
A person with a weak grasp on cryptocurrency/blockchain applications, yet has formed very strong opinions on the "best" ones. Often observed parading their involvement in crypto and arguing with other crypto bros.
May be a little harsh, but there’s truth in the definition as not everyone investing in crypto has a good understanding of it. However, crypto bros can have a good knowledge of blockchain, cryptography, and other aspects of the industry.  
Another definition says that a crypto bro is: 
A young man on twitter who is an absolute hype beast for crypto-currencies and makes long term predictions, often backed by memed and self-fulfilling financial charts.
Compared to other community members, who are less active on social media and invest with more caution, crypto bros often make bold announcements and risky investment decisions. They tend to share posts with multiple rocket emojis and say that everyone who doesn’t engage in crypto makes a mistake and misses out on a huge opportunity. The habit of always talking about  Web3, crypto, and successful investments is how you can recognize crypto bros. 

There are different memes inspired by the stereotypical image. Here’s one shared by Coinbureau CEO Nic Puckrin on X (Twitter).
Be aware of fake crypto bros, who create an image of billionaires to sell suspicious trading courses or convince people to invest in scams. 

The Underrated Success, Skills, and Enthusiasm of Crypto Bros

Everyone likes to celebrate their success differently. Crypto bros are optimistic about the future of crypto and enjoy sharing their views and stories on social media. They seem to be obsessed with talking about crypto, while each bro has a project(s) they are particularly fond of. 

Not every man engaged in crypto is a crypto bro Just as not every gym-goer is a fitness buff. Crypto bros are just one part of the diverse crypto community.

Stereotypic images can carry negative connotations because constantly hearing why one way of living is the only right path can be annoying to those who don't share those views. At the same time, stereotypes are often exaggerated and overlook people’s individuality. The common quality of stereotypical groups is that they are committed to some idea and put energy into it, which can be contagious. 

In the case of crypto bros, their enthusiasm adds an interesting mindset to the industry and can inspire others to explore more about cryptocurrencies. 

In the end, the success of crypto bros isn’t just due to luck. Often, it’s a result of interest, determination, and active participation in the market, combined with investing skills and knowledge in technology.

Web3 writer and crypto HODLer with a keen interest in market trends and recent technologies.