Bamboo enters the US market

Photo - Bamboo enters the US market
The Bamboo app, popular in Australia, will be available in the US. Due to the simplicity of the interface and ease of use, the company has previously received tens of thousands of requests from US users, according to CEO Blake Cassidy.
Bamboo is an app for savings and micro-investment and is popular among Australians. Over the four years of its existence, the project has received more than 70,000 downloads. According to Blake Cassidy, entering the American market after winning the Australian, will be an expected and logical step.
Bamboo CEO noted that due to the safe accumulation of assets, the app could attract investors prone to risks and users who are wary of the crypto market volatility and possible losses. The project has no charts and numerous complex tools, such as trading with leverage. In fact, “it’s crypto with bumpers. We’re setting up people for success.”
Bamboo is a way to invest in cryptocurrencies that does not require additional knowledge. Thus, a user can regularly invest in digital assets when rounding up retail transactions via the app. Another tool is daily and weekly payments, which can reach 20 thousand dollars per day. Despite the opportunities provided, Blake Cassidy emphasizes that Bamboo is primarily an app for savings, not a cryptocurrency exchange.
The project's income is based on commissions, which, depending on the transaction's size, range from 0.8% to 2.5%. In this case, the smaller the amount, the greater the commission must be paid by the user.
A distinctive feature of Bamboo is the isolation of the system. Among the application options, there is no possibility of withdrawing cryptocurrency. The only solution for users is the sale of digital assets to a linked bank account.