All Hail to Mighty Zeus: Greek Gods Turn NFTs

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Photo - All Hail to Mighty Zeus: Greek Gods Turn NFTs
Wanting to be as beautiful as Aphrodite or as mighty as Zeus? We have handpicked a collection of the most famous ancient gods for you to feel as if you’re one of them.
Gagarin News has stumbled upon an NFT collection called the NFT Card Greek Gods Edition. And it, admittedly, caught our eye. 

Offering an array of marble NFT cards from Greek mythology, it looks both eye-pleasing and exquisite. 

Though the collection offers just 10 items, we took the liberty of choosing the cards that we think are the most eye-pleasing. 

Let’s explore them together.


Athena NFT card. Source: OpenSea

Athena NFT card. Source: OpenSea

Our first pick is Athena, the protectress, goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reason.

She is tough, smart, and a tad cunning. And is also Zeus’s favorite daughter to whom he literally gave birth. According to the legend, she emerged full-grown from his forehead.  A pretty economical way of having a child, right?


Poseidon NFT card. Source: OpenSea

Poseidon NFT card. Source: OpenSea

 Are you afraid of water? Poseidon certainly is not. He loves the sea and is the one deciding how well it conducts today. Will it be tranquil? Or will there be meters-high waves engulfing everything around them?

It all depends on how the mortals behave. And remember he also controls storms, earthquakes and horses. So better be a good person this year. And every year.


Aphrodite NFT card. Source: OpenSea

Aphrodite NFT card. Source: OpenSea

Oh, Aphrodite! The goddess of beauty and love was born on the shores of Cyprus, coming out of the foam as pictured by Botticelli. You’ve most likely seen it before. Perhaps even in real-life. If you went to Florence, particularly to the Uffizi gallery.  

In this NFT, Aphrodite is pictured as a statue made by Alexandros of Antioch called Venus de Milo.


Zeus NFT card. Source: OpenSea

Zeus NFT card. Source: OpenSea

All hail to the almighty Zeus! He can take all sorts of shapes and forms and is a huge womanizer (a manizer too perhaps).

In this NFT card, he appears to be as majestic as ever, sitting on a throne with a lightning bolt ready to strike the mortals with it and decide your fate.
Are you really going to fight him?
Mmm, we think not.


Demeter NFT card. Source: OpenSea

Demeter NFT card. Source: OpenSea

Demeter, the Ancient Greek goddess of the harvest, however, turned out to be our favorite pick. 

The exquisite dress she’s wearing with high attention to detail really makes her stand out compared to the rest. She also appears to be less of a controversial figure than many of the gods, both mentioned and omitted in our article.

This serves as a reminder that being a good person isn’t such a bad thing after all. Even if you are sometimes vengeful –  just like Demeter ;)
So, are you ready to own one of these cards? 

It appears you’ll have to make an offer if you want to own one. 

The OpenSea data shows that most of the transfers were made 2 years ago at an average cost between 0.01-0.02 ETH. Today, this is the equivalent of around 30 USD.

Good luck getting one! If you’ve decided to buy one, that is.

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