All 250 NFT pendants by Tiffany in the form of CryptoPunks were sold out

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Photo - All 250 NFT pendants by Tiffany in the form of CryptoPunks were sold out
All pendants were adorned with diamonds. They were exact replicas of the unique NFTs. The set also included an additional NFT from Tiffany. Buyers paid 30 ETH for each token.
The jewelry brand Tiffany & Co., which recently announced the release of 250 unique tokens from its limited collection, sold out all the NFTs in just 22 minutes. That’s how long it took to close all of the pre-orders for the tokens. One of the conditions of the sale was that one buyer could not purchase more than three pendants.

It should be noted that hundreds of CryptoPunks holders were in unequal conditions with the ordinary buyers because they could make the pre-order of the pendant on August 3, whereas the auction began on the 5th.

Considering that 30 ETH was paid for each pendant, which equates to about $52,000, the jewelry house received a total of about $13 million.

Those who have purchased unique NFTs from Tiffany & Co. will receive samples of the pendants by October of this year.

The pendant will be 30mm long and 20-30mm wide. Several types of gold and about 30 gemstones will be used to create the jewelry. The chain will be made in the form of pixels. According to the company, owners will be able to get their purchases no earlier than 2023.

According to Alexander Arnault, vice president of Tiffany, he is in awe of NFT and admires those who collect them because he owns NFT CryptoPunk himself. In his opinion, non-fungible tokens are an essential part of the culture.

CryptoPunk is one of the first NFT collections featured on the ETH blockchain. The collection was launched in 2017. A total of 10,000 images of men, women, beasts, zombies, and aliens with 87 unique attributes were presented. Starting as an experiment, the challenge eventually evolved into a community of collectors.