AI Learning Assistants: Tested and Reviewed

Photo - AI Learning Assistants: Tested and Reviewed
Imagine a personal tutor knowledgeable about everything and always ready to adjust to your learning needs and emotional state. This is no longer a futuristic dream but a reality. We've tested several AI apps that embody this concept.
We routinely assess various AI-powered apps. Previously, we have introduced you to:

Today's collection will be especially valuable to students, who often find themselves beginning to learn Chinese just three days before their Chinese language exams. With specialized express-learning apps, the odds of passing any exam are significantly improved.

Shepherd Study  

Shepherd Study is a comprehensive desktop and mobile app that functions as an all-in-one educational assistant. It allows users to seek help from experts, tutors, and even the student community, with options to register as either a student or a tutor.

Shepherd Study offers a wide array of tools for creating notes, flashcards, quizzes, charts, and diagrams, enhancing both teaching and learning experiences. It features an extensive built-in library filled with scientific articles across various fields such as biology, economics, and psychology.   
The vast array of educational materials on Shepherd Study

The vast array of educational materials on Shepherd Study

These cards streamline the learning process, as the essential information is already curated and organized, eliminating the need to go through extensive literature to find answers. Terms, explanations, and examples are concisely written.
Examples of AI-created study cards on Shepherd Studyimage

Examples of AI-created study cards on Shepherd Study

One of the app’s major advantages is its multilingual capability. The user interface is primarily in English, but interaction with the AI assistant and document handling can be done in one of 15 languages.  
Shepherd Study is a multilingual app

Shepherd Study is a multilingual app

What tasks does the AI perform?   

Intelligent processing of text files: The AI can provide concise summaries, create flashcards with key theses and terms, or explain complex concepts in simple terms.

To use this feature, upload a document, select a communication language, and enter the "Plato" chat.For testing, we used a CV previously generated by AI for another article. The neural network transformed it into a story suitable for a five-year-old.Note: The application handles PDF files well but encounters errors with Word documents.
Working with uploaded documents on Shepherd Study

Working with uploaded documents on Shepherd Study

AI Tutor: The app doesn’t just explain new material—it also poses questions to reinforce learning.To initiate, choose the subject (e.g., mathematics, literature), the educational level (from elementary to university), and the language for communication with the AI. In the free and basic versions, the tutor runs on the GPT-3.5 model, while the premium version uses GPT-4. Unlike standard language models that predict responses, Shepherd Study’s AI is highly "humanized" and personalized, facilitating meaningful dialogue.
Working with an AI tutor on Shepherd Study

Working with an AI tutor on Shepherd Study

The app also allows users to hire human tutors for various subjects.

In the trial version, you can ask only 15 questions per day. The basic plan allows for 30, and the premium version allows for 200. 

Pricing:Basic version: $4.99 per month

Premium rate: $14.99 per month

Free trial period: 28 days
Conclusion: Shepherd Study is an excellent AI app that provides substantial assistance to students and schoolchildren. Our rating: 5/5.  

Professor Ai

Professor Ai is an English-language desktop AI app targeted at advanced users such as undergraduate and graduate students. Unlike Shepherd Study, Professor Ai is tailored for acquiring expert knowledge necessary for writing academic papers and preparing for final exams. Beyond standard courses in biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physics, it offers specialized courses in niche areas like public tax administration, EU history, and the structure of the US government.  
Professor Ai targets advanced users

Professor Ai targets advanced users

What does the AI offer to assist with learning? 

  1. Searching topics in verified textbooks (only trusted content is used).
  2. Fetching additional information from web resources, with warnings that this data needs verification.
  3. Providing answers to complex "open" questions that cannot be simply answered with "Yes" or "No".
  4. Specialized courses already tailored to meet examination standards.
I am here to provide detailed explanations to your most challenging questions and to hone your analytical skills and critical thinking.
The AI states
Professor Ai offers in-depth responses to literature queries

Professor Ai offers in-depth responses to literature queries

The AI in this app resembles a serious professor and often communicates in a complex manner. The app also allows recording and sending voice messages and adding images to request explanations of their content. 

Dividing educational materials into separate courses seems unnecessary, as you can receive answers to your queries in any provided section. For instance, the AI handling chemistry tests can readily respond to history-related questions, and vice versa.
Testing involved using a cover letter for Mary

Testing involved using a cover letter for Mary's resume

Professor Ai is capable of creating intelligent quizzes, surveys, and examination tests. Simply enter your subject of interest and request the neural network to prepare a list of test questions. Note that generating quizzes and cards may not always be successful; in two out of five cases, the application returned an error code.
Example of a test generated with Professor Ai

Example of a test generated with Professor Ai

The platform includes a library of ready-made lectures on various subjects. After completing a full course, users gain access to questions on the studied topic. The program immediately indicates whether a student’s answer is correct and calculates the total points earned. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to assess their knowledge level before taking an exam.  


  • Scholar plan: $14 per month
  • Elite plan: $29 per month

A 24-hour free trial period is available.

Specialized courses and lectures are accessible only to “Elite” subscribers.  

Conclusion: A useful application for graduate students.
Our rating: 4/5.

The developers may need to improve the test and quiz generation functionality.

Monic AI  

Monic AI is a desktop AI app featuring an English interface that allows communication with the neural network in 60 languages. Like similar applications, Monic AI can create surveys, flashcards, and tests across various subjects. However, this platform uniquely supports not only text but also video files.
Document upload in the app

Document upload in the app

YouTube hosts a wide array of lectures and video podcasts that can be uploaded into this program. For instance, if you're reluctant to manually extract key points from content—or perhaps don't want to watch it at all—you can request the AI to do so. Moreover, as it summarizes the key points, the app can automatically generate terminological flashcards and tests. The "Split Screen" function allows users to simultaneously watch a lecture and take a related test, merging productivity with leisure.  
Split screen feature in Monic AI

Split screen feature in Monic AI

The application includes an AI tutor that analyzes information from uploaded documents. You can pose questions to it, ask for explanations on unclear aspects, or have it summarize the watched content. However, this feature is only available with a subscription.  

All interactions with artificial intelligence in Monic AI occur only after you have uploaded content into the app, and are limited to the information contained within the uploaded file.
Declared capabilities of Monic AI

Declared capabilities of Monic AI

The monthly service fee for AI is $10.
Opting for a six-month subscription offers a discount, costing $42.
Conclusion: This application is unparalleled for those who frequently use YouTube as an educational tool. The app boasts a user-friendly interface, unobtrusive design, and the ability to utilize video files for AI interaction.Its major downside is the lack of a comprehensive trial version. 

Our rating: 4/5.