A Little Less Action, a Little More Metaverse, Baby

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Photo - A Little Less Action, a Little More Metaverse, Baby
Elvis isn’t dead. Well, maybe he is. But that doesn’t hold for the metaverse.
“Welcome, ladies and gents, to the electrifying world of Viva Las Avatars! Step into the metaverse and experience the thrill of being part of Elvis Presley's iconic journey. Get ready to ignite the virtual stage as you embody the charisma, talent, and sheer excitement that defined The King himself.”

It is precisely these lines that are among the first ones you see when opening a page dedicated to the King of Rock n Roll via The Sandbox, a decentralized Universe on the blockchain owned by the community.   
Elvis Presley avatar collection. Source: The Sandbox

Elvis Presley avatar collection. Source: The Sandbox

The page immediately shows you why you’re here: you get to see four versions of Elvis. The iconic, sartorial serenade, rock‘n’roll rendezvous, viva variations.  The iconic one, for example, features Jailhouse Rockers, Heartbreak hotel heroes, and Rockabilly royalty.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise that it is so as each Avatar is randomly generated with a unique combination of traits. Minted on Polygon, the collection includes a set of exclusive, hand-crafted 1/1 Avatars. 
Elvis Presley iconic avatars. Source: The Sandbox

Elvis Presley iconic avatars. Source: The Sandbox

“Step into the shoes of the Jailhouse Rockers and unleash your inner rebel. These Elvis Avatars embody the rebellious spirit of rock 'n' roll, complete with leather jackets, slicked-back hair, and a sense of untamed charisma. Get ready to shake up the metaverse with your electrifying presence,” the authors of the collection say, encouraging you to mint them.

This can be done using whichever wallet works for you. Furthermore, if you hold certain NFTs, you can mint a maximum of 2 avatars from THE ELVIS PRESLEY collection 24h before official minting starts. These NFTs include  The Sandbox LAND, Hell's Kitchen x The Sandbox Avatar Collection, The Doggies Avatar, and many more.

The full list will be available on the site.

A total of 3000 avatars will be available up for grabs as well as emotes inspired by Elvis’s  iconic dance moves. 100 NFTs will be reserved for Elvis Presley Estate  and The Sandbox for marketing purposes.

The collection offers four different rarity levels, with each of them valued at 100 SAND around $41 at the time of writing. 

Playing and voting

The Metaverse Presley isn’t only for collecting and demonstration purposes.  

According to the project’s authors, each Avatar will be playable inside The Sandbox in all future multiplayer experiences. It will also be used for unlocking new features and content, with the developers promising unique Play&Earn opportunities for Avatar holders. As a result, the holders will be able to earn SAND through gameplay.

The holders will also have governance and voting rights for the Elvis Legacy Council DAO, with the authors taking you on a tour to a 5-storey museum where they show you different collectibles and more. 
A 5-storey Presley museum in the metaverse. Source: Presley’s metaverse

A 5-storey Presley museum in the metaverse. Source: Presley’s metaverse

The public sale begins on August 9th, with all avatars revealed on August 11th.
Elvis Week Extravaganza and immerse yourself in the ultimate celebration of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Experience the magic of being part of the Elvis community as you celebrate the enduring legacy of the King during this extraordinary virtual event.

The publication estimates that the Presley estate earned $23 million in 2020 alone. He’s the second top paid dead celebrities alongside Arnold Palmer, Charles Schulz, Bob Marley, Seuss, Hugh Hefner, Marilyn Monroe, Prince and John Lennon. 

Michael Jackson continues to be the highest paid deceased artist.

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