A Glowing Day for Crypto: N Crypto Conference 2024 in Kyiv

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Photo - A Glowing Day for Crypto: N Crypto Conference 2024 in Kyiv
Stepping out from behind the computer to meet face-to-face can be rare in today's digital world, especially in a city like Kyiv in the midst of a full-scale war. The N Crypto Conference 2024 offered just such an opportunity. Our team was on the ground, absorbing the vibrant energy and insights firsthand.
The N Crypto Conference 2024 was held on April 19th at the Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Center, shining a spotlight on Web3, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence.

The event featured 18 prominent speakers, including:

  • Anton Dzyuba from DoubleTOP;
  • Dmytro Karpilovsky of UkrInvestClub;
  • Ivan Pavlovskyy representing Incrypted;
  • Artem Khomenko — the author of Crypovo Blog and a journalist at GN Crypto.

The conference also hosted two panel discussions, focusing on the airdrops and the integration of Web3 with AI.

Beyond Just Doing—Showcasing and Influencing

Artem Khomenko, a popular blogger and our colleague, took the stage to discuss the underutilized power of social media in the crypto world. He argued that embracing both public and anonymous media presences can expand opportunities and bring more stability to one’s earnings within the cryptosphere.
Artem Khomenko

Artem Khomenko's presentation. Source: GN Crypto.

Benefits highlighted include:

  • Gaining additional allocations in token sales,
  • Monetizing through advertising,
  • Enhancing earnings from ambassador programs,
  • Participating effectively in affiliate marketing.

Artem also revealed his approach to creating engaging and popular video content. His formula for success is straightforward yet impactful: start with a hook that grabs attention ➡ delve deeply into the topic ➡ direct viewers towards further engagement, like joining a Telegram channel.

Will Airdrops Lose Their Relevance?

In the wake of highly-publicized airdrops from StarkNet, Wormhole, and other prominent projects, the niche has garnered attention from the newbie cohort of drop-hunters. Not surprisingly, the conference panel discussion titled "Airdrops and Emerging Projects in Crypto" attracted considerable interest.
Panel discussion: "Airdrops and Emerging Projects in Crypto". Source: GN Crypto.

Panel discussion: "Airdrops and Emerging Projects in Crypto". Source: GN Crypto.

Moderated by Ruslan Griblanovich, the panel included influencers like Vitaliy Kryvenko, Nikita Grizli, Ernest Primerov, and Pavel Maykan. The discussion yielded several key insights:

  • Capital Management: Engaging with airdrops is a long-term endeavor. Sufficient capital to sustain activities over one to two years is crucial.
  • No Need for a Team: Assembling a team for this niche can be costly and often unnecessary. Plenty of opportunities exist for individuals to operate independently.
  • The Limits of DYOR: While it’s important to conduct thorough research, it's essential not to overvalue one's own findings, particularly with lower-tier projects.

The speakers advised segmenting accounts by tiers (Tier-1, Tier-2, etc.) and focusing more on the number of activities than the number of wallets; focusing solely on potential airdrops from high-profile projects might cause you to miss out on other profitable opportunities.

For instance, with the LayerZero case, many hunters who prioritized the number of wallets they managed found themselves forced to halt their activities due to liquidity issues—a scenario where the promise of rewards hadn’t materialized, yet the capital was already depleted.

Airdrops continue to be an effective method for attracting new users to a project, so this marketing tool is likely to remain in use. However, retro-hunting is not necessarily an easy way to earn money; the speakers anticipated a decrease in the profitability of such activities.

Trading: The Battle Against Emotions

Nazariy Marchiha, founder of Crypto Brain, spoke on the psychological aspects of trading and offered advice on how to preserve one's trading capital:

  1. Trade the Chart, Not the Money: Ignore unrealized profits until a trade is closed. Strict adherence to your trading system is crucial.
  2. Exercise Patience: Only execute trades when the setup is completely aligned. Remember, trading is predominantly about waiting—the right moment to act comprises only a small fraction of the time.

Marchiha highlighted four pillars of successful trading: discipline, decisiveness, a robust trading strategy, and a focused effort toward achieving results. He emphasized that being in the right psychological state is critical for maintaining profitability over the long term.

Secure Your Profits

This principle was highlighted by Ivan Pavlovskyy, the co-founder of the crypto media platform Incrypted. Ivan stressed the importance of securing profits to avoid the continuous cycle of loss, which can lead to financial despair.
Ivan Pavlovskyy’s Presentation. Source: GN Crypto.

Ivan Pavlovskyy’s Presentation. Source: GN Crypto.

He further highlighted the need for patience and focus. The crypto industry is not one where results are instantaneous; especially in areas like airdrops, it’s a long and often difficult journey. If you choose to venture down this path, maintaining a clear and accurate view of the industry landscape is crucial.

Additionally, the CEO of Incrypted shared his insights on token sales. He noted that it's impossible to predict which projects will succeed: occasionally, projects that initially appear insubstantial can generate returns exceeding a hundredfold. His advice is to diversify—engage with a wide variety of projects but ensure your capital is managed so it lasts.

Behind the Scenes at the N Crypto Conference

An event comprises not only what happens on stage—such as presentations, panel discussions, and auctions—but also the activities offstage, like entertainment, bar setups, contests, and networking. These aspects, often underrated, significantly enhance the experience through:

  • Sustained Engagement: With the first speaker starting at 12:00 PM and the last at 7:45 PM, the conference was a marathon session. To aid attendees in digesting information throughout this extensive period, organizers arranged additional spaces for socializing, gaming (including PlayStation areas), and relaxation.
  • New Acquaintances: Networking at conferences is one of the most effective ways to forge valuable industry connections.
  • Contests: Engaging in contests and interactive activities not only lifts spirits but can also lead to potential prizes.

The N Crypto Conference 2024 featured a vibrant backstage area complete with gaming zones, bars, lounges, project booths, and contests. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with speakers and project representatives.


Effective networking, a vital element of any conference, allows for open communication, the sharing of ideas, and the transfer of experience. Through networking, you can rapidly form your own team—finding a developer, marketer, lawyer, etc., in just a few hours.

You never know where your next significant connection will be made: at an auction, beside a booth, or while grabbing a coffee during a break. Although networking opportunities were available throughout the N Crypto Conference 2024, organizers dedicated a specific area for this purpose.
 Networking at the N Crypto Conference 2024. Source: GN Crypto.

Networking at the N Crypto Conference 2024. Source: GN Crypto.

We took part in some of these discussions. Conference attendees mostly talked about predictions for Bitcoin’s price post-halving, shared revenue-generating ideas, and boasted about the airdrops they had received.

The networking was so engaging that tables designed for three or four people often accommodated groups of seven to ten. Individuals of varying ages, from different cities, and with diverse backgrounds interacted as though they had known each other for years. The conference was a vivid reminder of how the crypto world unites people.

In addition to offline networking, at the registration desk, attendees had the opportunity to download a QR code, providing access to a private chat. Messages continued to flow in this chat long after the conference had ended, with queries like "Are there any Solidity* developers here?" (*one of the popular programming languages—note from the editor.)


Finding time for a quick game of Mortal Kombat or FIFA is always possible, even when you’re attending a crypto conference. Beyond the gaming zones established by the organizers of the N Crypto Conference, some projects took the initiative to set up their own entertainment spaces right next to their booths.

The “VR TUBE” virtual reality club provided attendees with an immersive opportunity to experience the cutting edge of VR technology through interactive gaming, while the team from “DOUBLE TOP” offered a cash grab challenge inside a wind chamber.
Gaming Area Near the VR TUBE Booth. Source: GN Crypto.

Gaming Area Near the VR TUBE Booth. Source: GN Crypto.

Conference attendees also had the chance to compete in virtual gaming tournaments on PlayStation, with cash prizes up for grabs. Additionally, organizers installed four arcade retro machines loaded with racing games, scroll shooters, and more.

Project Booths

Crypto conferences serve as premier platforms for showcasing products. Not only could participants hear about projects during stage presentations, but they also had the chance to engage directly with company representatives at their booths.

At the N Crypto Conference, booths ranged from those specializing in airdrop-hunting and creating crypto-themed animations to those developing cryptocurrency cards and more. 

These booths provided beneficial opportunities for both crypto companies and attendees. Visitors had the chance to delve deeper into project details, pose their questions, and even enjoy exclusive bonuses.

Some projects went a step further by hosting contests. For example, the exchange aggregator Obmify organized a quiz with a twist dubbed “freespin without scam.” Participants answered questions related to cryptocurrencies and, if correct, had a chance to spin for a prize.
Queue at the Obmify Booth. Source: GN Crypto.

Queue at the Obmify Booth. Source: GN Crypto.

The prizes included Obmify merchandise, power bank, Ledger - a cold crypto wallet, and vouchers worth between 25 and 100 USDT.

However, it was the vibrant atmosphere that truly stood out. Participants in the quiz actively cheered and supported one another, creating a festive and engaging environment. Ultimately, everyone left feeling content, even those who won less than others.


Despite a slight drizzle on the day of the event, the conference was remembered for its sunny and warm atmosphere. It once again highlighted the unity and openness of the Ukrainian crypto community.

As a final act, the conference organizers hosted a charity four-slot auction. The auction successfully raised a total of $9,100.

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